Fishing at its best


Big Bone creek is ~ 200+ feet wide with depths of 8 - 18 ft. Channel depths from Ohio R. to Boones Landing are ~15 ft. There are three creeks that make up the Big Bone watershed: Big Bone Cr., South Fork Cr., Mudlick Cr. The combined run for a canoe is about 8-10 miles. Most bass boats fish the entire watershed.

Fishing catch reports from the campgrounds are bluegill, redear sunfish, channel and blue catfish, hybrid striped bass, white, smallmouth, and largemouth bass. And we should mention the pesky turtles. Early spring and late fall boaters report on white and black crappie runs.

Bass tournaments run 2-3 times weekly during the summer by various clubs. Tournament fisher persons typically fish the entire Markland dam pool from Aurora, In. to Markland dam. The run is ~30 miles with 10+ major creeks. It has been said that the Markland pool will humble even the best fisherman. So bring on your A+ game.