Boone's Landing strives to provide recreational experiences for families in order that they can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Ohio River Valley and the surrounding Boone County. We are located at 14036 Boat Dock Rd., Union, KY 41091.

Boones Landing formerly Big Bone Landing

Janis and Chris Soper are the operators of Big Bone Landing since 2009. Operating as Boone's Landing, we offer boat storage, launching, mooring, and rentals of pontoons and canoes. The facilities comprise of:

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  • 2015 Year End

Big Bone Classic Open Bass Tournament



2015 Year End BBCTN Open Bass Tournament details

  • $60 1 boat includes big fish
  • 100% Pay out
  • Must fish in two Thursday night events
  • Safe Light  plus 9 hrs 

and we are only 3 miles from famous Big Bone Lick State Park.

Fishing at its best


Big Bone creek is ~ 200+ feet wide with depths of 8 - 18 ft. Channel depths from Ohio R. to Boones Landing are ~15 ft. There are three creeks that make up the Big Bone watershed: Big Bone Cr., South Fork Cr., Mudlick Cr. The combined run for a canoe is about 8-10 miles. Most bass boats fish the entire watershed.

Home Coming the end

Thursday at noon we were at Markland Dam and our trip was almost over. 15 day seemed to go fast. We were all talking about the marinas we stayed and it was soon obvious they were all a blurrr of memories compressed into one big event....  

? Do you remember at Dog River Marina or was that Cuba landing where we saw...........

As we started the final leg to our new summer port of Big Bone creek we flirted with several ideas:

A) Turing around and going back,(there was a yacht going to Naples and needed a deck hand)

B) stopping at pier 99 and clean the boat

Cloud witchin'

Stan has a special talent!

He can make clouds disappear.......

He picks a cloud and with a way of his had and a little magic the cloud slowly evaporates

We did this many times as we slowly made our way up the tenn-tombigbee water way..




But as we pulled into Louisville a Huge storm cloud ascended on us Janis called with urgent update on the storm and said we only but 30 minutes before the storm would be on top of us.......


4th Tallest Lock in North America

Today we cleared the 4th tallest lock in North America . At a 85 foot lift, we were looking up at eight stories of water. We locked through with Sensation and it dwarfed even the big ship.         

  yes that is sensation entering the lock


Green Turtle Bay - End of the line for the Tennesee river

Wow we moved about 1000 miles (@ $4 a mile).The last 300 miles (down hill) has help us get  back on budget. We crossed over from the Tennessee R. to the Cumberland R. by the small connecting canal.

We met up with Stan's life long friend, Steve from his first grade at Green Turtle Bay marina. Steve, his wife Susan, and grand son Mack greeted us at the dock. It was nice having new friends greet us We had great conversation and relaxing moment on the dock. Steve brought us socks. All kinds of socks. As soon as i got back on the boat i put two pairs on .

We're in CUBA ? Wouldn't you just know it!

We traveled 120 miles  on just a quarter tank. That was great!

Glenn  keeps pointing out we are going down hill now.

We docked at Cuba Landing. Dock master Jessica said she would keep her eye out for us as she lived near by. Again we coming in late near dark. Seems to be our theme song. She offered to make dinner if we were too late which sounded tempting. However, Stan slaved over a hot pot of chili all day... We ate chili.

Turns out the next day, lots of beer and chili might have been a wrong call....

End of theTennTombigbee waterway

We had to blow through three locks in the rain to finish this section and by closely following Sensation we did it in record time this made an early arrival to to the mouth of TTWW

Cleared 4 locks today ! Thanks to MY Sensation

WOW we are getting much better at clearing locks and the lockmasters are getting friendler

locks and dams, Columbus, Ms.

Alabama Tenn- Tombigbee

sorry key board is still screwing up//'s an idea of the crazy maps we follow..


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